December 23, 2014

2014 Fellows

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orientation2014-funny-cropFellows at Orientation near Seattle, WA.

The inaugural cohort of ELISS fellows included 16 professional students from 4 campuses (Stanford University, University of Washington, Purdue University, and University of Pennsylvania) and many different disciplines.

2014 fellows selected three issue areas - mental health, public spaces, and nutrition - to focus on and met with stakeholders in their communities to understand the major challenges in each issue area and to look for opportunities to combine ideas, knowledge, and people to expand options for addressing these issues. Each team came up with a guiding question to drive a series of community dialogues and an online issue guide. To conclude their fellowship they presented their findings to national stakeholders in Washington D.C. Click the links below for a summary of their projects.

2014 Fellows Page

2014 Fellows Page

2014 Fellows Page


Argosy Foundation
Lounsbury Foundation
Rita Allen Foundation
University of Pennsylvania
Purdue University
Stanford University
University of Washington

Research Corporation for Science Advancement
Gilbert Omenn and Martha Darling
And other generous individual donors